Meet Riley, the Dog

Riley is a fluffy Coton de Tulear - the inspiration for RiLEYDAWG.

The Inspiration for RiLEYDAWG

Riley, the dog, is a lovable and fluffy Coton de Tulear who has many friends. When Riley goes on his walks around his hometown, he often brings smiles to the people he meets. After his walks, Riley sits on 'his' bench in front of a gourmet chocolate shop. 

When Riley was adopted, it was hoped he would become a Pet Partners therapy dog, going where needed to brighten the lives of others. But, Riley has a mind of his own at times, so that was not to be.

Instead, Riley became the inspiration for RiLEYDAWG - a hugs and smiles comfort pet® - in order to bring you endless hours of hugs, smiles, and comfort and to brighten your day.